Lessons/Choir Consultation

Choir consultations and voice lessons

Ari is a life-long choir nerd, in addition to being a life-long advocate of feminism, decolonialism and anti-racism. Those world views tend to impact the singing ensembles they are a part of, and to inform their approach to teaching.

Choir consultations

Ari offers consulting with choirs working to create singing communities that actively include (not just “tolerate”) people of all genders. Ari’s consulting considers impacts of white supremacy, colonialism, and patriarchy on choral communities, and can include recommendations on ensemble policies and practices, one-on-one discussions with organization leaders, and larger group trainings.

Voice lessons

Ari also offers in-person and online voice lessons, either one-on-one or in small groups. Ari’s lessons are offered on a sliding payment scale.


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